PODCAST #002 (Continued) – Reality – New World Order – Secret Occults

Matty wanted to elaborate!!!

Matty goes solo in a purpose to elaborate on the Podcast 002 he did with Alex. Matty starts by questioning reality and expands his views on the perception of reality itself in conjunction with exposing the New World Order and the Secret Occults. Matty feels he did a good job however remains disappointed in his limited ability to transmit the spider web of connection as he feels that by saying one thing he is neglecting to say a million more. He goes philosophical mixing all this sorts of information in a can, shakes it all up, and then opens it to lay it out as best that he can. He concludes with one of his music creation called: Snowman

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CORRECTION: I stated at around 1:03 that the founder of the black church in the USA was Ashton Levay but in reality his name is Anton Levay.

CORRECTION: At around 1:36 I talk about a Prince buying off Dracula’s castle in Transylvania: His name is Prince Charles.

CORRECTION: I was talking about Aleister Clawley whom had a woman paint 4 times each 72 cards from the Thoth Tarrot deck he created in France: Her name is Freda Harris.

5 thoughts on “PODCAST #002 (Continued) – Reality – New World Order – Secret Occults

    1. Didn’t listen to it yet …

      That’s a funny line though!!
      It’s worth a listen just for that … lol

      Solo podcasts are a beast of a challenge though …

    1. Ah well… did my best… it’s actually quite an experience talking alone in front of a mic for 2 hours… with no question or comments from anyone lol. But who knows maybe someone out there will like my philosophical babbling on these subjects. Just the fact that you did get to the last 40 minutes means I did something right! hahaha

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