Podcast # 002 – Planned Parenthood – New World Order – Secret Occults

Here it is folks!


Matty and Alex have a power discussion on the origins of Planned Parenthood founded by Eugenic Nazi Sympathizer Margaret Sanger due to the hype created lately thanks to the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) pro life group exposing them selling baby tissues to other companies such as Stem Express and Senomyx. On the second subject they fiercely expose the source of the Modernized version of the New World Order that started in the late 1700’s and what it has become today. They finish off by contemplating on the Secret Occults that ties to the New World Order. They conclude signing off with a song Matty/Paragon created tying in with the Secret Occult subject titled: Bonesmen

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3 thoughts on “Podcast # 002 – Planned Parenthood – New World Order – Secret Occults

  1. two words for you guys: magnifying glass …. pas “loop”
    Great discussion!! You went a bit easy on Sanger, not only did she talk about human babies with no more consideration we give to cockroaches, but she was a “Hitler level” racist:
    “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population,” Sanger wrote. —Letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble on Dec., 10, 1939

    1. Wow … that’s terrible!
      She was a nut, but regarding eugenics, she was part of a large group of people who thought alike in those days.

      Racism was 10x stronger back then than it is today.
      I always try to put myself in their shoes historically.

      Dark times for sure …

    2. Magnifying glass! ughh lol
      How right you are Michnou! I did go easy on Sanger. And usually people like that are often crazier than said. And her plan to kill Negros as she called them lives on today through her spirit; Today Planned Parenthood’s almost 800 clinics receive more than 300 million dollars of taxpayer money annually. It is unacceptable for a nonprofit to accept donations that target specific races, but Planned Parenthood does exactly that. The calls unearthed a Planned Parenthood program that poses a threat to minority communities. Many centers set up “women in need” or “justice” funds designating money specifically for minority abortions. With more than 79% of clinics near minority neighborhoods according to Protecting Black Life, and more than 850 black abortions daily, these programs are doing precisely what our actor asked them to do. Planned Parenthood is (intentionally or not) exterminating the black community.

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