PODCAST #004 – Forgiveness – Tower 7 – End Game

Special Guest: Michel Fournier and Gabriel Fournier


Alex and Matty have a powerful discussion with their first special guests; Michel Fournier and his 14 year old son Gabriel Fournier. Mishnou, known as his artist name, starts off by talking about his breathtaking tragic experience that occurred when he was youngster in a camp ground in a suburb area in NY, USA. It’s deep, it’s crazy and it’s a life changer. Forgiveness is the first subject Mich decided to talk about as it parallels perfectly with his personal story and demonstrates how forgiveness has changed him form being an Atheist Suicidal person to becoming a Spiritual Life Enthusiast in love with the essence of the cosmic force. He then jumps into the second subject of Tower 7 in the 911 attack that occurred in 2001. In the last segment Matty horribly switches into French to interview Gabriel and get his point of view on Tower 7 as this is a bilingual podcast. Alex, Matty and special guest Michnoux concludes the last segment by theorising on a few ideas and scenarios for this global end game everybody is feeling these days. Matty finishes off with a song he created called: AEON

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4 thoughts on “PODCAST #004 – Forgiveness – Tower 7 – End Game

    1. Fixed … that’s hilarious.

      Haven’t listened to the show yet.
      Supposedly Mat had to fix a lot of the audio.
      I was too far from my Mike in the last segment.

      My bad!

      1. Oh Sorry Mishnou my bad! thanks for the fix Alex!
        Yes many audio technicalities; Mich your mic was too low for the first segment; had to fix her all up but that was my bad, and Alex you were too far from your mic during the last segment; had to fix that up too… No worries; it only took longer to fix these technicalities than the actual length of the Podcast itself lololol… So next time… well there will be no next time with this kind of snag cuz we will double check everything! lol Hey! But at least it was fixable and that’s what counts to me!

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