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Overwatch Review


Total play time: 24 hours (and counting)

Blizzard makes classics.
They take an existing game type, and spin it into gold. Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, WoW, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and now OVERWATCH.

They have done it again.

Here is my full review:


Almost no story here. But it has TONS of personality.


Graphics and sound:

Crisp and clean with loads of variety. 60 frames per second to boot.
Overwatch’s maps are gorgeous and the sound is perfect. It won’t win any graphic awards, but it looks exactly the way it should.



Fun Factor

So. Much. Fun. One of the best online multiplayer game since Halo 3 in my opinion. K/D isn’t the goal of the game here, it’s all about working as a team to get that Win. You feel so accomplished when doing so, and the matches are short and sweet (like Rocket League a bit). It has that “just one more game” addictiveness to it that very few games have.

With 21 characters to master, each with a different feel and style, it has huge replay value. I have not found one character to be boring to use. They are all great. Blizzard know their shit.

On top of that, all the maps and future characters are included in the package.
If you like online FPS’s, do yourself a favour and BUY THIS GAME.




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