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DOOM Review

Total play time: 9 hours (and counting, not played multiplayer yet, but who cares about that)

DOOM is one of the first classic PC games, it blew our collective fucking brains when it came out in the early 90’s, it actually still plays great, and that says a lot. DOOM 2 came out a few years later and was pretty much a amped-up version of the first (introduced the super shotgun). And it all ended with DOOM 3 which dissapointed me gameplay wise, but looked and sounded awesome. It just had the bad luck of launching alongside HalfLife 2.

Ten plus years later, we get the new DOOM, a reboot of the first (pretty much).

My expectations we’re low. Then I heard the music and I knew I had to play this.

Here is my full review:


I actually really enjoyed the story here, it’s light and badass. You are the actual DOOM here, not the demons, not the bad guys. The space marine is the most feared character in hell, and it ties directly into your actions. You don’t give a fuck, you just destroy everything and plow through the armies of darkness. It really meshed in well with the gameplay style.


Graphics and sound:

Great graphics, and ID-5 engine game, so I shoudln’t be surprised. It runs like an overclocked pentium would run the original DOOM. Fast and furious. Great level design and effects. It never slowed down once, and boy is this game fast.

The sounds are perfect, mixing some ol’ school DOOM mechanical sounds in there for fans. The guns all sound great too. The music is the real standout here though. Extremely powerful dubstep, mixed with modern heavy metal kept my heart pounding during combat and platforming scenes. Very effective use of music here.



Fun Factor

This game is all about fun. Much like the new Wolfenstein, DOOM doesn’t chase Call of Duty or Battlefield in the fps genre, it creates it’s own rules and it’s own gameplay style. You never reload, you have a weapon wheel (with all weapons) you have no regenerating health. This game is all about how to make it fun, fast and action packed at all times. Never a dull moment here. The platforming sections are clever, the secrets are rewarding, the bosses are huge, and the extreme amount of stress each combat arena feeds you is like a fucking drug is coursing through your veins.

It plays like you always remembered DOOM playing.
Mission accomplished ID games, well played. (slow clap, with scotch drink in hand)



Overall: 8.5/10


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